Dark Water Dream Journey

For me, 2020 has been a year of upheaval, uncertainty, confrontation, change, heartbreak, empowerment, clarity, activation, and so much more.

While there’s no denying we’ve all experienced collective trauma, we are also experiencing a collective rebirth and are holding the vision for what we want the next chapter to hold.

Enter the power of your sight,
your intuitive visions, your dreams,
the answers available to you at any moment
that live in your cells, the holders of your ancestral wisdom.  

As we venture into the late half of autumn, The Death Doula Frequency on InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies arrives. This is a time for giving intentional death to aspects, behaviors, habits, relationships that are ready to serve as compost for what’s to come next.

Join me for Dark Water Dream Journey under the full moon and alongside The Death Doula, your ancestors, the wisdom of your physical body, and the plant spirits of Wild Potato and Black-Eyed Susan. This three-night, five-day submersion into the waters of your own Otherworld will bring you a sense of closure, empowerment, clarity, grounding, and rejuvenation.

I invite you to set intentional space and go on a journey into your subconscious mind to receive guidance from your dreams.

We begin on October 29 with an opening call to set the space. The next three nights you’ll receive a guided journey to listen to before bed and if you opt for the addition of the flower essences, you’ll take those, as well. The next morning, you’ll journal your dreams and use the special reflection prompts to guide you, as well. Share in our own private, sacred space (away from social media) to be witnessed and supported, as well as to notice collective dream themes from the group!

The fact that we have the capacity to die in so many ways in a single lifetime, are able to let go of and transmute old ways, enables us to be reborn. This is our most fierce power and is what makes us revolutionaries able to literally dream the world awake into tangible form.  Death is necessary, misunderstood, and the very thing that makes life. Allow what’s ready to be shed to serve as nourishment for what’s to come. Give thanks for all that you’ve experienced this year – especially the challenges. Close the chapter to allow 2020 to go in peace, to give death to the parts of yourself that you’ve outgrown, that you’ve faced, that have shared so much with you, and create space for the next iteration of yourself to emerge.

The Details:

Access to private, members only portal for your materials and private discussion forums. Use this space to share your insights and experiences, be witnessed, ask questions, and receive personalized support and feedback from me!

Live opening call October 29 to set the space and live losing call Monday, November 2.

3-night dream journey begins October 30 and each night has a special focus and intention that is cosmically aligned with a unique guided meditation each night.

Listen to the guided journey before bed, take the essence if you opt to receive them, go to sleep, and record your dreams upon waking using the guided reflection prompts for deeper insight and excavation. 

Wild Potato will help us anchor into our physical bodies, where all of our wisdom and guidance live. Black-Eyed Susan connects us to our ancestors, primarily the wild, wise, witchy womxn in our line. Lastly, The Death Doula Frequency Essence will support us in courageously giving death to that which is ready to become compost.

Last day to purchase flower essences add-on is Sunday, October 25 to ensure enough time for delivery; while they add a deeper layer to the experience, they aren’t required to have a powerful, insightful experience!

Bonuses: The Death Doula Frequency Activation, Sleep Tips + Brews For Deep Sleep, Suggested Ancestral Connections Practices to continue throughout The Death Doula Frequency season (which runs through Winter Solstice on December 21 before switching into The Void).

Dark Water Dream Journey